This day began with meeting Tom Keltner. who is responsible for leading a legal staff that provides and coordinates legal services in the Empire State Realty Trust’s transaction, compliance, and litigation matters.
We talked about life, family, education, business, challenges and much more. Many thanks for sharing his family story, history of company with me.
I really appreciate the chance to share my ideas with him.

Next mission was Grand Central tour. Some touristy, around the Grand Central Station neighborhood. I was not sure if I joined the right group. But they welcomed me.

Last station of today, Gotham Write-Ins are that place. Here’s what happens. The teacher gives an interesting writing prompt. Everyone writes for a while. Then, those who want to read aloud their work. People take a break and socialize.

The teacher has written “ In the deep end” on the board.
I’ve written…..
Elizabeth, who is a director of program in Apexart, really threw me in at the deep end today.
Youngho Lee, Inbound from Seoul, apexart:SASG